Carers Lanyard: Healthwatch Kirklees launch a project to distribute carer lanyards to health and social settings throughout Kirklees.

By Clare Costello
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Healthwatch Kirklees is working with carers and other local organisation to introduce lanyards as a way to help staff identify and support carers.  This project came about after one of our volunteers, who is also an unpaid carer, told us they are often asked: who are you and why are you here?’ They do not feel that their role as a carer is always recognised and understood.

This project will launch during Carers Week, 6-10 June 2022.

photo of a carer lanyard I am a carer card

Our YouTube video shows how unpaid carers feel when they visit a health and care setting.
YouTube  Carer Lanyard

To help address this issue, Healthwatch Kirklees, will distribute carer lanyards to many health and social settings throughout Kirklees. Carers can then wear the lanyard when they visit health and care settings, or they can use the separate card if they prefer.    This will help staff working in health and care services to recognise unpaid carers, to support them and to signpost to carer information and support services.

If you are a carer in Kirklees, you can ask any health or care service for your lanyard.  If they don’t have any available, please contact Healthwatch Kirklees on 01924 450379 or email

photo of a carer lanyard          I am a carer card


If you are a carer in Kirklees and you need advice, support or information, you can contact the following organisation:

Carers Count
0300 012 0231

Carers Trust Mid Yorkshire
01484 537036


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