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Rude and patronising staff.

July 20, 2021
Called to make an appointment for my dad who is a cancer patient and needed medication review by his gp. The receptionist was adamant he could not see his gp and a practice nurse would see him .When I told her his has hypertension and angina and ideally his gp would be better to see him especially with his history she began giving me a list of blood tests he would need for medication review and these would be arranged by the nurse. I am a health professional ( with a registration) my self I work in a hospital and I see more patients on a shift than the gps are seeing in a week! Even the hospital doctors are reviewing more patients than Gps. Also I’m pretty sure the receptionist is no capacity to be making such recommendations. The hca in hospitals never make such comments to patients in regards to what tests they need. They seek a medical review. This was the receptionist who I’m sure has had no clinical training either in theory or practical. So how can she can tell me what tests he needs or who he needs to see.
Anyway he never got to see the gp. The practice nurse called him
And said he needs to attend the accident and emergency for review. If he was feeling the medications were not working for him..The a&e is over swamped as it is , he would be better off seeing his own gp who knows his history. This surgery is pathetic. They are passing their work load on to the hospitals who are struggling as it is . While they sit behind closed doors and triaging patients on the phone. It would appear covid is only out to get the gps. Everyone else including hospitals , dentists , care workers and many others professionals are not on the target list of covid !
Noreen ali

Care about the patient

April 6, 2021
Dealt with the medical issue. Receptionist listened and accommodated the patient needs. Dr is
an exceptional doctor. I say this as a carer of an elderly patient at the practice.
Thank you

the receptionist is rude

February 23, 2021
Called to ask about making an appointment the be patronised by a very rude receptionist. Totally un called for as I was polite and was asking advice. I’ve heard others say this but I don’t think anything of it until I called myself. Disgusting behaviour.

The worst GP surgery

December 14, 2020
The staff are very rude.
They cancelled my appointment without notice, which was very inconvenient and my husband had to leave work for it.
They are very unprofessional and lie about availabilities.
Doctors prescribe the wrong dosage of medication and my pharmacist had to sort it out for me.

The diabetic eye screening is very good

October 29, 2020
Good service.
Kind and helpful staff that give great advice.

The GP is very unsympathetic

October 29, 2020
The quality of care is very poor.
The GP's attitude is like they want to get rid of the patient and do not provide the care needed nor act on any concerns expressed. The GP is very unsympathetic.

The doctor does not listen

October 28, 2020
The doctor does not listen or act upon my concerns.
I have multiple health conditions and the doctor tells me to only come for one condition per appointment. This is really stressful and unjustified, as I already have anxiety when going into any medicaI/health setting due to a prolonged health condition, as well as the fact that available appointment times come after ages, so if I keep to one condition per appointment, that is neither practical nor is helping in my overall treatment.

Spoke to a g.p who helped me with my issue

October 23, 2020
I went to see a gp about a skin condition and was given medication straight away. Which worked and helps a lot.

Can always get in

December 14, 2018
Or speak to a doctor the same day!

Poor service

September 24, 2018
Waited 5 months to be seen for daughter's breathing problems, given antibiotics 5 times
Ended up in hospital on oxygen
Felt like some signs were definitely missed; didn't make a complaint - didn't feel as though anything would happen!