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November 23, 2021
Having a colonoscopy yesterday it is very degrading to have this procedure, not once was I explained to what was happening not once was there any empathy shown or care in anyway, I did say to the nurse how empathetic you are her reply was were not here to talk to you. What a horrible thing to say to a patient. There are in the wrong profession.
Ann cooke

Colonoscopy - terrible attitude from consult

November 7, 2021
I was asked to go for an urgent colonoscopy and experienced care that left me feeling quite traumatised. When I got into the procedure room, the consultant looked at me and shouted at me for being underweight, saying it would be extremely difficult and painful to carry out the procedure on me.
This made me anxious and I felt I was in the wrong, just for being there.
Reluctantly, he asked a nurse (who was lovely) to get a child’s colonoscopy tube. He then started the procedure with no warning or explanation and as soon as I experienced a little pain he got cross and told me they would have to reschedule the colonoscopy as I needed to be sedated.
I told him I didn’t want to be sedated and asked him to continue. He continued to speak in an aggressive and uncaring nature to me throughout and it made an unpleasant procedure intolerable.
I hope that nobody else experiences this kind of treatment.

The procedure was moved at the last minute from HRI to Calderdale due to staff absence.
I can only imagine that this was the cause of his rudeness / stress levels.

lovely staff

July 22, 2019
All the staff lovey,. Doctor very patient and very understanding. Efficient service and signposted well.
Kathryn Taylor

Women’s Health specialist nurse

May 15, 2019
Discussion of Gynaecology problems with nurse specialist. Long wait, BUT well worth the wait. Excellent information and first class advice, really good attitude and a very good experience. Wish she worked at H. R .I. !

Trip to hospital

June 26, 2018
Very good and prompt service with polite, caring staff. Also, a painless operation!
Andy Shaw

Recent midwife visits

June 19, 2018
Very nice and informative. Put me at ease, very informative.
Amy Jessop

Stay in hospital

October 19, 2017
Treated like a person even though due to water infection my behaviour was erratic. Staff were kind even though i was hallucinating and behaving in a challenging manner. The cook found out i was not eating so she made me egg and chips and i really enjoyed them. I was awkward whilst ill but they still treated me well and with respect. Staff kept checking i was OK.

Rheumatologist was dreadful

August 23, 2017
I will have to write up a report of my consultation which took place yesterday. Just had to inform your today about my terrible experience with this so called health professional. Speaking as an ex NHS manager I am really shocked.
Mrs Assunta Connor

Horrendous Rheumatologist, no empathy at all.

June 29, 2017
Terrible. Treated like a nuisance. Felt unable to express anything. Being 26 with widespread inflammation and severe pain, I was struggling psychologicaly with the condition. The Rheumatologist I saw at Halifax hospital, after seeing me break down in tears, not just from physical pain, responded with "Yes, ok." No more was said, no information on support groups/organisations, no empathy, horrendous bedside manner! I now refuse to attend any rheumatology appointments at Halifax. That woman was the worst medical professional I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with. And after all this I was given a diagnosis of post infection Inflammatory Arthritis, put on corticosteroids, sent packing. Halifax hospital then messed up the follow up consultation appointment, which they made me wait over 3 months for, only to cancel it and the same rheumatologist to then discharge me, without a final physical consultation-with the advice I would recover and it was unlikely to return. I then spent 9 months attempting to physically recover, even though severe pain and stiffness continued, which I obviously had no means to inform rheumatology about as she discharged me. Just as I was preparing to return to work, inflammation returned, put back on Corticosteroids by my GP who then sends me to Huddersfield acre mills rheumatology department to a rheumatologist who actually examined the whole body, every joint, asked more questions, did more tests, who has finally, 3 years after my halifax rheumatology chaos, given me an accurate diagnosis, with amazing information and support, referred me to occupation therapy and physiotherapy. Halifax hospital never gave me the rheumatology nurses advice line, even throughout the 6months I was taking Prednisolone. I would not recommend Halifax hospital for anything. And am sickened that should I suffer a serious accident I will soon end up at Halifax A&E rather than Huddersfield.

A & E

Accident and emergency services
August 3, 2016
111 sent an ambulance for my grandson who was staying with us, experiencing breathing difficulties (3 years old). Paramedics were brilliant and said that my daughter had done the right thing calling 111. However the doctor at Calderdale A&E was dreadful. Before being seen my daughter heard him complaining that he had seen five children that day. He checked my grandsons vital organs which were fine so he just sent them away despite the distress and difficulty in breathing. The following day my grandson was prescribed an inhaler by the GP which helped enormously. The whole attitude and lack of care was distressing and a little boy had to suffer 18 hours longer than he needed to.