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Reviews (7)

Staff rude prescriptions wrong

June 10, 2022
Staff were very rude when I said I would complain they hung up the phone they don’t send enough medication just a very bad practice now it has been taken over the previous owner couldn’t do enough

Very poor service

April 12, 2022
Medication not available when needed , I have repeat scripts which are never on time , and always mistakes

Poor Service - erratic hours

March 10, 2022
Desperately slow service, lack of stock, lack of interest. Customers are viewed as irritants. They cite lack of staff, but the ones they do have are actively hostile and will ignore you for up to ten minutes without even enquiring what you want. When we are being asked to use the pharmacy instead of the GP for routine stuff, this cavalier lack of care is staggering.

Prescriptions incorrect

February 13, 2022
For the last 8 months I have experienced nothing but problems with obtaining prescriptions from this pharmacy. The first few times they said it was the GPs fault but when I contacted the GP it turned out it was the pharmacy who had been under prescribing. It is always a struggle to find my prescription when I go and pick it up and the pharmacist is severely lacking in any people skills. I have had enough and will going elsewhere.

Very poor customer service.

December 7, 2021
Every time I go into the pharmacy you are ignored by the staff. I've been in today, there were five staff that I could see on duty, after ten minutes of being ignored I had to ask to be served, I was told they were short of staff! There were another two people waiting behind me.

Rude staff

September 13, 2021
Called to check if prescription was ready, had made request online on new system which stated when order would be ready to collect. Called up to check, I was hesitant to call as I usually get someone rude at the other end. Anyway I thought I would give it a go and yet again was met with the same rude attitude. Would be nice to be able to finish a sentence when calling up before being interrupted and the person guessing what I was trying to query.

Extremely rude staff disgusting

June 20, 2021
Threatened with not getting my wkend script by a shop assistant told I couldn't have Fri dose as there was no time yet there was time to argue for 10 minutes while 5 customers were going to be served. When try to discuss y I was told I was being aggressive. Manager shook head laughing when I was telling her how I've used chemist 20 years and never been tret like this. Shop assistant swore in front of customers said "I broke rules coming in intoxicated" but didn't she break ruled giving me dose if she thought I was intoxicated? Absolutely disgusting doesn't know her job tried giving me my script back and was told it wasn't allowed by locum she needs retraining and the manager needs to lose the chip on her shoulder many ppl have had bad experiences in here after new management please come back, it's going down the pan