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Heckmondwike Health Centre
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Reviews (19)

Great Drs but difficult getting appointments

June 2, 2021
Ended up having to go to the walk in centre instead as I couldn't get an appointment for two days for a kidney infection - wasted all morning in walk in centre when I could have got antibiotics from the GP had I been able to have a 10 minute appointment - Reception staff hit and miss as to whether they are helpful - all Drs I've met are great, nurse who did my bloods was also quite abrupt and unhelpful


February 6, 2020
My surgery is efficient. Signposting to the relevant person. Quite conscious of privacy. Registering on-line is difficult too many instructions, lost interest .Text are good repeat prescriptions etc. Doctors friendly and knowledgeable practice nurses very good too .

Family bereavement

February 6, 2020
Really good and informative support from patients GP
Beverley Fletcher

not impressed

April 12, 2019
Can never see the doctor I want to see. I go regularly because of a long term condition but I have to repeat all my history every time I go, Different doctor every time.

Very good

April 12, 2019
I don't go often but when I do go I always get what I need

Only takes patients on a daily basis

February 19, 2019
Having trouble walking. Saw Dr and he recommended pain relief and physio and x rays treatment ongoing


February 19, 2019
Good doctors
Peter James


February 19, 2019
I don't know who makes the decision on repeat prescriptions whether or not you can receive this medication based on renewal dates. Dr fine. Receptionist poor.The in-between service hit and miss.
Harvey Jackson


November 29, 2018
Overall excellent experience. Staff are really nice people and the quality of service is good.
Paula Alexandra Pinto

Hard just to get an appointment

October 2, 2018
It’s really hard to get an appointment because you have to be on the phone at bang on 8am then you are in a massive phone queue (10-25). By the time you get through to them there’s no appointments. It’s easier going to the a&e. Their receptionist has been rude a few times and you no longer see your actually assigned gp.