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It’s impossible to get an appointment

December 29, 2021
My 2 year old son has been unwell for weeks and haven’t been able to get a GP appointment, even by going through 111. I’ve never experienced a worse GP surgery!

Reply from Blackburn Road Medical Centre

Good Morning

I am sorry you have been unable to see a doctor for your son. Please could you contact me on the number above and provide me with your details and I will look into this matter as a matter of urgency for you.


Claire Banks

Provider responded

Very unhelpful

October 27, 2021
Had felt unwell for over a year, I feel like I can’t get to bottom of it due to appointment times you have 10 mins and can only discuss one problem at one appointment. I have suffered with mental health for over 20 years and I never get asked how I’m feeling etc. lots more issues but I would be here all day

Reply from Blackburn Road Medical Centre

Thank you for your feedback, I am sorry that you feel this way about the Practice.

Any patient that feels that they need a longer appointment are able to ask for a double appointment which does allow for longer discussion

There is also the IAPT service which you can self refer into for mental health support
Nick Gwatkin

Provider responded

Very Poor

April 23, 2021
Cannot get through on phone since Birkenshaw surgery telephone redirected to Blackburn Road (before Covid so surgery - please don’t use Covid as excuse). Incompetent staff .... prescriptions wrong time after time. Rude staff manning doors at surgery & refusing entry. Birkenshaw surgery effectively closed and only third party dermatology clinic held there, causing problems for elderly patients & those with mobility issues who do not have cars as the only bus from Birkenshaw necessitates a long walk up /down a very steep hill. Practice Manager denies Birkenshaw surgery closed but try get a doctor appt there and told all appointments now at Blackburn Road. Overall the feeling that GPs are hiding behind closed doors and have lost all interest in patients. SO many patients experiencing appalling service from this surgery as highlighted almost daily on community media sites.

Told by gp, they don't know how to help.

April 13, 2021
Experiencing lots of pain in hips when walking, GP won't help, I have Klinefelters Syndrom, so asked if they would send me for a DEXA scan to see if this was causing the pain. GP replied, you are under Endocrinology get them to send you!
David Haigh

Time wasted

July 10, 2019
I used to be able to go the GP to get my ears syringed but they no longer offer this service and I have to now go to Dewsbury Health Centre instead. But I still have to visit the nurse at the medical centre first to check if they need syringing, it seems a time/ appointment wasted to have to attend two appointments in two different places for the same issue.


July 8, 2019
The doctors are fine when you get there but its getting the appointments that are the problem. I cannot get there and queue at 7.45 am for an appointment or get a bus that early at my age. I don't have a computer so don't know if they do on line appointments.


June 20, 2019
Excellent , good baseline check

Not bad

December 13, 2018
Receptionist doesn't really know what they are doing. The doctor we used to go to has now left, so i'm not keen on many of the new ones. Waiting times aren't too bad

Usually really good

October 18, 2018
Usually been really good, never really had any problems.
Struggling and waiting to get past one particular problem, but it is being dealt with.


September 12, 2018
Very good service
David Overend