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Greatest of Days

June 6, 2024
I had the greatest of days yesterday. I went to my great nephews christening. So what some of you may think, well for me its a massive achievement. I live in West Yorkshire and the christening was in Birmingham. As someone with mobility problems, and dependant on others, it was massive. My care company agreed to use the company car and one of the carers to drive. I had the best time and being with my very large family was brilliant. Amy is a great carer and a lovely lady, nothing was too much trouble. My family thanked her for taking me to the christening and all said how great she is. For me, good and great carers don't get enough credit, so I am giving them all the credit in the world. Thankyou Care Counts for looking after me every day, you are all amazing!

Excellent service

June 3, 2024
I would like to thank all the team for providing such an excellent service & lifeline to Mum during a very difficult period of her life

Always give excellent and high quality care

June 3, 2024
Think outside the box even doing book club with mum she loves it

Superb Care

March 19, 2024
The care was superb and my god mother loved the company of her carers, especially Kelly! I have also recommended you to another family member who is looking for care.

Reply from Care Counts Ltd

Thankyou for your recommendation and compliment for Kelly we have passed this on. We hope J is looked after in her new environment.

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Help & Support

March 18, 2024
I'd like to say thank you so much for all your work in helping, supporting and looking after dad, it's definitely been a huge contributing factor in him having been able to stay in his own home for so long before needing a care home.

Reply from Care Counts Ltd

It has been our pleasure to look after M and helping him with his desire to remain at home. We hope he settles in well to his new environment.

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Thanks for all they do!

March 11, 2024
Quick note to say thanks to you and your staff for all they do for my mother .
These days we often forget our manners and to say thank you once in a while .
So - Thanks to your carers for their service .

Reply from Care Counts Ltd

Thankyou for your review.. the carers that look after K enjoy visiting.

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Good quality care and support

February 29, 2024
Care Counts look after my mum who is mostly bed bound. We received good quality care and support. Carers are able to spot when mum isn't so well as they know her and communicate this with us as a family. The Pass app that we use to check on my mum gives us piece of mind!

Reply from Care Counts Ltd

We have enjoyed caring for J over the past 10 years and especially getting to know you all as her family.. thankyou for the review

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Lost without Care Counts

February 28, 2024
Care Counts recently cared for my wife, the carers were helpful, friendly and I would have been lost without them.. I mean this in the most sincere way possible

Reply from Care Counts Ltd

Thankyou for your kindness this compliment has been passed onto the carers who attended R

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High Standard of Housekeeping

February 28, 2024
The standard of my housekeeping is kept up to without being asked, carers are so friendly, do lots of jobs within the time, really satisfied with them all, I suffer with depression but the carers bring me out of that, stop me getting down.

Reply from Care Counts Ltd

We are really pleased you are happy with the standard of housekeeping provided by the carers

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Wonderful Caring Company

February 28, 2024
After putting arrangements in place I went away feeling confident and relaxed that my brother in law would be well cared for and he was!! Going the extra mile to ensure that things run smoothly he was spoilt. He loves chatting and the banter and forming friendships and trust relationships with the carers. Thankyou for your ongoing care and genuine concern about his well being.

Reply from Care Counts Ltd

We are glad you managed to get away on holiday and that the arrangements put in place worked out well

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