Gateway to Care

Who can we support?
• Kirklees residents over the age of 18 who may be in need of social care support.
• If the concerns are related to health needs, then a GP referral is required to access support such as Rapid Response, Physiotherapy, PALS.
• Our aim is to support Kirklees citizens to live as independently as possible, and we will have a ‘strength based conversation’ from the first point of contact.

Types of support
• Early Intervention & Prevention Services
• Care Navigation
• Health Trainer Service
• Assistive Technology Service
• Sensory Service
• Adult Safeguarding Hub


01484 414933

Customer Service Centre
Civic Centre 3
West Yorkshire


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Reviews (12)

Cannot get in contact with anyone

July 25, 2022
Constantly on hold for hours. No operators available. I have found a carer, I want to speak to
Someone about this!!!!

waited ages for a response

June 30, 2022
Waited ages for someone to call me back. Spoke to someone and gave them all my details only for nothing to come of it. I rang back several weeks later to chase my assessment and had to re-tell all my tale as nothing about my previous conversation was on the system. Waited an age for my assessment but eventually got my care needs taken care of.

no help, don't care - gatewaytonocare

August 25, 2021
i was told it would take 12 months for an assessment for my 88 year old mum and that we would be better off paying private - i have today called again to get some assistance with showering, receive no advice and no support - meanwhile my mum can't shower
Erica Dobson

Excellent service from a young woman .

January 18, 2021
She personally contacted the correct service to get a handrail fitted on my stairs after your system sent me round in a circle over 40 minutes on the phone. Your phone system is dreadful. Bad connection, noise, fading. Hopeless. Have tried several times over weeks and it is always the same. Very efficient workman today fitted the rail. Want to thank the young woman who ensured the job was done. She was so helpful and pleasant.
M D Green

can't get though on the phone

August 24, 2020
I have just come out of hospital after having my leg amputated and I can't get out of my flat even if there was a fire I was told 3 weeks ago it would be put down as urgent and nothing has been done I'm having sleepless nights in case there is a fire as I live in a block of flats
Stephen Hudson


August 14, 2019
We have nowhere else to go so we have to use gateway to care. Mum had social worker but case was closed as there was nothing more they could do. I did try and get them to leave the case open but they refused. I know need help from them but advised as case is closed I need to go back to gateway to care.
Steve West

I am happy

July 15, 2019
Very good I am happy for support.

Nobody gets back to you

July 11, 2019
My mother has a faulty carephonest it's charged her because it had a faulty bartery. I have complained. Nobody got back to her or me. .

Cuts! without dialogue!

May 3, 2018
I am a carer and use direct payments, without any dialogue they cut respite care without any dialogue and someone who has never met the person I care for has decided that the cares needs are not great enough. They had assessed him two years ago and he met them, then his condition is a condition which is and has got worse, so how can this happen.
Mrs Susan Murray


October 13, 2016
Phone queue forever and a day. Noisy people chatting in background in irritating cheery tones, laughing etc. Told to care for the person myself. Kept having to repeat what I had said to someone only half listening. Half hearted