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Waited 35 mins on phone, no appointments left

December 8, 2022
Phoned at 8.30 from work, 13th in queue (how did 12 people get through before 8.30?), told at 9.04 that no appointments left. Why? Who took them all? (Assuming six appointments an hour and four hours surgery time available). It's bad enough patients only get phone appointments anyway without having to phone back the next day with no assurances appointments will be available then either. I'm at work so the walk-in at Dewsbury offer is impossible. I was told there are staff shortages on the phones. With the booking system of having to phone at 8.30 (from work which is highly inconvenient) it would seem crucial to have enough staff on the phones at that time. I still don't know who got all the appointments and how. I assume there are two booking systems and I only have access to the ineffectual one.

Ordering medication

June 28, 2022
A big well done to the staff dealing with re-ordering medication at the surgery. I called to reorder a repeat prescription in the allocated times suggested between 10-3 pm expecting a long wait on the telephone, quick answer, and bish bash bosh medication ordered. Thanks.

Excellent Covid Vaccine service

January 18, 2021
Wanted to say how very grateful we are to staff at Kirkheaton for contacting my mum on Boxing Day with an appointment for her Covid vaccination. She had been disappointed to have Christmas plans cancelled and this very surprising call the over the holiday weekend really cheered her up. Vaccination took place on New Years Eve and was very efficient and safe, thank you to all those involved in that process too. Its also good to know that the practice staff are still at the end of the phone for other things when we need them (as I did today). Hugely grateful to you all. Regards, Lesley
Lesley McBride

Flu Jabs by lovely nurse practitioner

October 22, 2020
Me and my husband were able to book our appointments a few minutes apart for our Flu vaccination at Kirkheaton Surgery, which was ideal as I am severely sighted and he is severely deaf. We arrived at the appointed time complete with masks - hands duly sanitised. In one door and out the other both done in under 5 minutes. Of course, we were shown into the appropriate room separately.

The injections were done by our lovely Nurse Practioner, who has been at our Surgery for 32 years. In our local Newsletter - Yetton News, it tells us that she has been helping to maintain the health of the people of Kirkheaton at its surgery and has seen many residents grow from tiny babies to being parents themselves. Alongside her many jobs she has jabbed many of us along the way - but all in the name of keeping us healthy - flu, pneumonia, measles etc, etc. Jayne has always a smile and lots of encouragement. By the time I had asked her when she was retiring she had done the injection and I was on my way.
No undue side effects noticed just a slight tenderness on the site of the injection.

Excellent service by a staff member

May 24, 2020
Very pleased with my experience at kirkheaton surgery. Rang and spoke to a staff member who was professional listened to me. A doctor rang me quickly and helped with my problem. So refreshing to speak to a friendly helpful member of staff. There is a receptionist who is abrupt and rude and is not the correct person to be dealing with members of the public.

Opening hours would be useful

September 12, 2019
Tried for last 2 weeks to collect a prescription for my asthmatic son.
The surgery is seemingly always closed when I can get there after 6pm but the hours on the internet imply it is open.
Joanne Hirst


September 2, 2019
Always a positive experience due to the knowledge and helpfulness of the staff. They are a dedicated team worthy of praise and thanks.
Paul Hawksworth

staff helpful

July 22, 2019
The electronic system needs a lot of reading, needs keeping up to. misinterpretation of info. staff helpful

Very Efficient

June 21, 2019
Very efficient service and good doctors

Really difficult to get appointments

June 19, 2019
Really difficult to get appointments. Have to ring at 8.30. Care is ok. Think there's only one doctor now