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Derisory Service

October 3, 2021
Before pandemic it was difficult to get an appointment. During the pandemic it became virtual and now it is impossible to get a face-to-face appointment.
The receptionist are worse than before, rude and no empathy unless you are related to them.
Impossible to contact Practice Manager to make a complaint; does she even exist?

Bad attitude unhelpful unprofessional

August 30, 2021
Patronizing system attitude trail and error treatment

If I could give 0 stars, I would.

June 23, 2021
The reception staff seem to think they are doctors, they have no right to triage a patient when a consultant has already authorised patients treatment plan, I plan to remove myself from this GP. I really hope an investigation is carried out, please look at their reviews on Google, absolutely appalling, patient care should be paramount but not with these guys.

Receptionist provide a shocking service.

February 24, 2021
Receptionist are dismissive and rude. They all need retraining on how to provide a reasonable service. They all give contradictory advice. When you ask to speak to the manager no one is ever available!


February 8, 2021
Phoned 4 times to try and cancel an unwanted appointment all calls have been 14min plus after waiting at no 8 in cue once getting to number 1 after 8mins the phone just rings till 14+ mins picked up and put down on all calls. This is disgusting I have been in the practice many times and heard the phone ringing and receptionist just chatting/laughing amongst there self ignoring the phone very unprofessional! The docs and nursery are amazing however, receptionist just let the place down!! I have screen shot the last 2 calls this as happened currently number 1 in cue while writing this and the length of waiting time is now 21 mins

Absolutely unacceptable

January 20, 2021
Reception staff are incompetent. Takes hours (no exaggeration, was on hold for 1hr45mins before I gave up earlier today). Have been trying to get through for days without answer. Eventually got through to be told to call back tomorrow as we cannot guarantee you will get a phone call back by the appropriate staff member if we leave her a message.

Worst Customer Service

November 24, 2020
Reception staff are rude and need to go on a Customer Service course annually. They need to be empathetic and show compassion.

No Customer Service

November 11, 2020
Rude reception who need to go on annual customer service courses.

Very bad sevice

November 18, 2019
Cant get appointments loosing your test samples take long time to pick up phone

Very happy with the surgery

November 26, 2018
I always get an appointment when I ask for it or need it as an emergency, the customer services is very good from both the receptionist and doctors. If needed, I have been referred to the right services e.g. x-ray, bloods, physio, etc... Overall been very happy with the surgery