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The Posture & Mobility Services now located in Elland, which covers the following areas: - Calderdale - Greater Huddersfield - North Kirklees Clients can choose to be seen at the service hub in Elland or at one of the following outreach clinic sites (please note that waiting times and the amount of equipment that can be demonstrated will vary): - Todmorden - Halifax - Holmfirth - Liversedge -Home or school visits will also be offered where appropriate.


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October 8, 2019
Tetraplegic in wheelchair I've been trying to get batteries new for a month or maybe two to when they have replaced them they have only lasted me a month and they are running down quickly I am just had to get help to get home because of this I complain to previously we've had no no acknowledgement


September 30, 2019
I had a new wheelchair delivered just before going on holiday. Despite explaining that it would need the wheels altering due to me being a double amputee it arrived without it being done. The man who delivered it whinged about it should have been done in the workshop etc and obviously didn't like doing what he was asked to do. There was no time to take it back and do at the workshop because of the imminent holiday. As we prepared to leave my wife asked me to lock off the wheelchair, yet despite doing it, the wheelchair continued to move. We discovered he had moved the wheels but not the brakes, which were now well away from the tyres. That's just downright dangerous! It's a good job there was someone at the house who was mechanically minded and could move the brakes for us. We also found the arms had been put on the wrong way round, too. I phoned the office the day after I got back (two weeks ago) and asked to speak to a manager/supervisor about a serious complaint and was assured they would phone me back. So, I have phoned again today and threatened to take it higher up the food chain. We are all human and make mistakes, but that kind could end up with someone seriously injured.
Patricia Adams-Wright


September 10, 2019
After 5 years of waiting, I still don't have a wheelchair for my needs. Gave me a demo chair as a temporary solution that was 2 years ago and met someone from Wales NHS wales wheelchair services said this chair is completely wrong for me and is the reason for injuries, discomfort, pain and body deformations. Before that, I had to borrow a charity chair but wheels were coming off so had no choice with a demo chair. Been told I have to still wait another 18 months to 2 years because they took me off waiting list with the demo chair despite been a temporary solution so back of the queue again???
clare foard

Terrible experience!! No stars from me

August 13, 2019
My daughter is in a moulded wheelchair which isn’t appropriate for her severe scoliosis been seen 3 times and now refuse to see my daughter to rectify the chair and we are now waiting upon a letter to say they cannot provide an appropriate chair!! We have been waiting for this letter since May so we can look at other options to get a wheelchair that meets my daughters needs!!!
Johanna Price

Reply from Opcare - Posture & Mobility Services

Dear Johanna,

I am very sorry to learn of the issues you have been having with your daughters wheelchair and seating system. Please could you contact me directly so I can investigate this for you? My email address is Vicky.caulfield@opcare.co.uk Many Thanks

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Terrible service

July 17, 2019
Totally unorganised and under staffed. Horrendous facility and had to go to a charity and to direct wheelchair makers to get my daughters wheelchair.

Reply from Opcare - Posture & Mobility Services

We are very sorry to hear that you had to contact Healthwatch under such circumstances. We would like to investigate this for you to understand how we can improve our service in the future. You have not left any contact details or name. Would you be able to contact our service and ask for our centre manager so we can resolve the situation and investigate what happened? Phone Opcare on 01422 312729

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Wheelchair services

June 18, 2019
Waited months for appointment, didn't have equipment needed & didn't do as they were suppose to. Don't reply to emails or phone calls

Left in the dark

May 16, 2019
We had a date to collect a new wheelchair, unfortunately on the day we couldn't make it because of an unexpected trip to A&E. We called on the day and left a message explaining we can't attend.

Now when trying to rearrange - we were told a part is now missing. Fast forward 5 months and still no wheelchair or no update. So it's gone from a wheelchair being ready to collect to mysteriously having a part missing.

I am left feeling like we are being punished for not attending an appointment.

No mention of a complaints procedure on their website... not sure who to turn to.

Reply from Opcare - Posture & Mobility Services

We are very sorry to hear about the issues you have been experiencing. I can understand your frustrations as the service you have experienced doesn't appear to meet the usual high standards we strive to achieve. Unfortunately I am unable to investigate this for you due to the anonymous post. I would like to resolve this for you as quickly as possible therefore please contact the centre at your earliest convenience and ask to speak to the centre manager or to myself. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Very very good

May 11, 2019
I,found that I was soon related they were very welcoming and very helpful they let me sit in a powers wheel chair

Left housebound

April 8, 2019
Assessed in November, lovely staff. Wheelchair ordered, after a few weeks I was sent a letter for a February pick up. Appointment cancelled with less than 24 hours notice with no reason given, just told to expect a letter with a new appointment. Still waiting for my chair, 5 months later. I’ve rung, emailed but no one can tell me when my chair will be ready. This chair will be my freedom and my independence but I am been denied this.

Reply from Opcare - Posture & Mobility Services

We are really sorry to hear that you had to contact Healthwatch under such circumstances. You have not left any contact details or name. Would you be able to contact our service and ask for our centre manager so we can resolve the situation and investigate what happened?
Phone Opcare on 01422 312729

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March 14, 2019
My dad was assessed back in September by a fabulous OT and told he needed a powered wheelchair after significant health issues. Was told we would have it by Dec.
Home visit in Oct to see if chair is appropriate for home and was told to make some slight adjustments to placement of furniture but would be signed off immediately as suitable. Started contacting Dec to see if we needed an appointment for chair fitting etc to be told it hadn't been signed off and was waiting for confirmation from client to say adjustments in the home had been made!! We were never told to inform anybody after moving a couple of boxes and a shoe rack!!!
Was told that it would be dealt with immediately but due to xmas break there could be a delay. Been ringing up every couple of weeks since. Nobody seems to know anything, passed from pillar to post. Told to leave a week or 2 and ring back. Cant give progress reports etc etc. After getting quite cross i was given an email address to voice my concerns. After sending first email i gave 7 days for a reply. On the 8th day contacted again asking how to make a formal complaint. Received email to apologise for lack of contact and to make an appt for the 15th (tomorrow) for wheelchair to be delivered. Fantastic!
Until 3pm this afternoon when i receive a phone call to say appt has been cancelled and wheelchair will not be delivered tomorrow due to fear of cross contamination of the chair???!!!
WHAT?! asked for a clearer explanation and the bloke garbled a load of excuses and said someone would be in touch. 18 months now my Dad has been house bound, the effect this has had on his mental and physical health is huge. Had his spirit lifted time and again thinking he will finally gain a small piece of his independence back by being able to leave the house for it to be pulled away time and again. Disgusted and fed up. No faith in the service whatsoever!
Rachel Lee

Reply from Opcare - Posture & Mobility Services

We are sorry to hear that our service has not met your expectations on this occasion. We appreciate all forms of feedback and take our care of patients very seriously, and apologise that you have felt the need to raise this complaint. We have fully investigated your comments and have implemented process improvements in response to this. All chairs are fully cleaned before leaving the service as they are stored within a warehouse environment. There was a delay in the cleaning process which has resulted in us rearranging the handover. We understand the wheelchair has since been handed over. We have also contacted you directly to resolve your concerns.

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