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The Posture & Mobility Services now located in Elland, which covers the following areas: - Calderdale - Greater Huddersfield - North Kirklees Clients can choose to be seen at the service hub in Elland or at one of the following outreach clinic sites (please note that waiting times and the amount of equipment that can be demonstrated will vary): - Todmorden - Halifax - Holmfirth - Liversedge -Home or school visits will also be offered where appropriate.


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Wheelchair repair fiasco

December 18, 2018
Several months ago the service arranged for a repair of my wheelchair (changing the tyres) and the technician noticed at the time that the casters were in need of replacement also, for which he explained he would arrange a further appointment as he didn't have replacements on the van. However after waiting several weeks to be notified of an appointment nothing came - so I rang to make an appointment for a repair to my front casters myself (as they had now begun to intermittently seize up). The repair technician arrived at the allotted time but realised the replacement casters on the van were not the correct ones (they were larger) but he fitted them anyway and I had a quick try in the chair and they appeared to work. However when at work that afternoon I soon realised that when manoeuvring the chair the casters would sometimes snag on the footrest. I therefore contacted the service to ask for the correct casters to be fitted. The first appointment I made for this was cancelled by the service (for which I had arranged a day off work). I rang again to rearrange. This second time they gave me an afternoon appointment so I booked a half-day of annual leave but the repair van arrived in the morning when I was still at work. When I rang to rearrange the appointment today for a third time I was told that the correct casters still hadn't been ordered so there was no point in making a new appointment time date until they had arrived in stock. This has been dragging on for many weeks now. In the meantime my use of the chair has been significantly restricted causing great inconvenience.
Everyone I have dealt with has individually been friendly and tried to be as helpful as they can - but the system somewhere seems to be in meltdown.
Julian Horsler

Reply from Opcare - Posture & Mobility Services

Dear Julian,

Thank you very much for providing this feedback. Opcare values your feedback and very much appreciates that you have taken the time to raise this. It is disappointing for us to read that on this occasion we have not met your needs. Please accept our apologies. We have investigated the issue you have raised. I appears that the staff member involved did not follow the correct procedure and re-training has occurred. We will be in touch with you this week to resolve your issue.

Provider responded

What a joke.

November 26, 2018
I called the office as my wife’s wheelchair had broken. Was told they would call and engineer and they would call back. Had to call a few times after waiting. Ended up calling engineer who wasn’t called by the office. Unfortunately he didn’t have the part to repair it, but did say if he had been called he could have gone back to the depot to get the part. As such my wife has been left with no way of getting around over the weekend because someone in the office couldn’t be bothered to make a phone call. It’s a disgrace that people who rely on their equipment for mobility can’t get the assistance needed because someone is more bothered about getting out of work and finishing for the weekend than helping someone who has a basic need for their equipment

New Broom Sweeps Clean

October 18, 2018
My mum was referred to Ability Matters Huddersfield about a wheelchair, we've used them before and wasn't that impressed with them. Well ladies and gents what a difference; they have a new manager who dealt with mum she was great, polite, professional and timely mum commented in the car how lovely the whole experience was from start to finish. The rest of the staff were all buzzing a very warm and welcoming environment, keep up the good work and thanks again for looking after mum..

Lovely engineer

October 15, 2018
Fantastic service from the on-call young man. He was a pleasure to deal with and knew his stuff!!
What a credit to the company.

rubbish service

May 15, 2018
never ever call back after promising they will -so never informed no one seems to no what the other is doing -it really is terrible they should of never gone to opcare -left in a chair that even they no is bad for you and doing more harm and pain -it truly is a shocking service from opcare since they took over quite some years ago

Terrible service!!!! Don't bother

March 25, 2018
Terrible! From start to finish!! The only good thing is the lovely receptionist that answers the phone!! She's wonderful!!
Taking it further!!!
Rachel soltan


January 31, 2018
I'm still waiting for my single foot plate they came well before xmas to measure me up for one they said they would be in thouch with me about it but I have not heard anything from them I rang them just before xmas and was told that I could have the foot plate but have not had since and I feel like I'm pestering them if I ring up again just to find out what is happening
Marion wilby


December 28, 2017
Nearly a year after my daughter was measured up at school, for a standard wheelchair we are still waiting. My daughter has fully grown out of her old one. Many calls have been made to opcare to check on the progress. I can't take my daughter out for long without it. No one EVER returns my calls.
Catherine Sykes

Friendly & Professional Assessment

December 22, 2017
Had a home assessment and although, I didn’t initially agree with all findings, in hindsight the decisions proved correct and prudent.
Tamar Watson

A big Thank you to Everyone

September 1, 2017
I can't praise you enough. I was absolutely desperate and wouldn't be able to get my daughter to school and back without you. Thank you for everything.My little girl is able to go places with her friends and go to the shop with her sisters. You've given me something you just can't put a price on. I'll never forget your kindness.
Hannah Matthias Beswick