Avicenna Pharmacy Dewsbury Health Centre

Previously known as Pharmacy D


01924 462371

Dewsbury Health Centre
Wellington Road
West Yorkshire
WF13 1HN


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Reviews (10)

Caring and hard working staff

November 7, 2023
Always have a smooth experience at this pharmacy. The staff and pharmacists are efficient and kind, despite having to deal with abusive customers daily.

always waiting , never have prescription

July 20, 2023
The staff are very slow , you are always waiting ages minimum of 20 minutes sometimes and hour and then told you have to come back because they don’t have the prescription in stock and they have to order it . This isn’t just me it happens to all my family and everyone I know who uses this pharmacy. My husband needed basic antibiotics a few weeks back and they didn’t even have those in stock and he had to go back. It’s an absolute disgrace. Why can’t you ever have a prescription ready and waiting for you to just collect it . Very inefficient, not even a nice waiting area you have to stand around getting frustrated and stressed knowing they won’t have your medication and will have to return!

Terrible service and getting worse

July 5, 2023
This chemist is overrun with staff but none of them actually serve customers. Long queues and wait times. Staff can never find pre-orders. Today I turned up 5 mins after opening and was turned away for a pre-order from last week as the pharmacist had not turned up on time.
Mrs F


October 21, 2022
Nobody answers the phone they say it's not important answering the I've phoned them 15 times in half an hour and no answer im waiting for some pain killers they delivered 1 item of my prescription but not others it's not that I can collect them I've got covid it would be important to answer phone so I know what's happening with my medication

Hopeless, chaotic and utterly disorganised

October 14, 2022
Completely and utterly disorganised. Before the current re-organisation collecting an already made-up order could take 20+ minutes as staff clambered over boxes and many mis-filed orders. With the re-organisation this has become a hopeless task. Some staff are great, but the majority simply cannot cope with the total chaos.

Slow service

July 1, 2020
Always have to wait and they can never find any pre ordered repeat prescriptions quickly despite lots of staff

Lack of oganization needs better management.

March 23, 2020
Customer staff trainging needed.
John M Haigh

Unhelpful staff

March 20, 2020
called for a vital prescription for my daughter at 18:50 to find the door closed and locked (I tried to call to inform them I would be on my way from work to pick up the prescription at 1835 no one answered the phone) I was trying to phone them whilst stood outside the door but again no one answered. I could see staff stood around so I knocked on the door to have shouted at me ''WERE CLOSED'' my response was to shout back not till 19:00. I was just ignored (I was not the only person that this happened to). I am fortunate that my GP's is on the same level and they could not understand why as they could also see that it was before 19:00 my surgery re printed my prescription so that I could go elsewhere.

Shoddy service

August 11, 2017
I have been going to pharmacy D for several years now with few complaints, but as of late the general customer service has deteriated considerably. The ordering of my prescription has become farcical. The owing of my medications is becoming embarrassing. I have been kept waiting so many times. I have decided that I no longer want to take my custom there and will be going else where.

Disorganised and lacking customer care

May 16, 2015
There is a useful service for repeat prescriptions, but often prescriptions are not ready to be collected even if ordered days in advance - sometimes they just seem to wait until you turn up to put the prescription together. Often there is something missing or they don't have something in stock. I would advise people to check their prescriptions before they leave to make sure it's correct. I have in the past taken a prescription home only to find that the contents are someone else's.