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Lack of compassion

Respiratory Medicine
November 8, 2021
My 81 year old mother was alone when given a terminal diagnosis at 1 o’clock in the morning after a 10 hour wait in A&E. She was never referred to oncology, just switched between care of the elderly and respiratory wards at will, this resulted in her being discharged home with no further care in place. This is a brief summary of what was a tragic experience for our entire family. My mother-in-law must have had a similar experience during April-July 20 where she caught covid in Pinderfields and remained an in patient for 4 months - her mantra now is “help me, help me” I can only assume this is a remnant of her “care” in the hospital
Joanne Pearce

Extremely disappointing and upsetting

July 11, 2021
Elderly Asian relative treated with very little respect, lack of care, ward doesn’t answer your phone call despite trying multiple times. Both patient and relatives feeling vulnerable during this difficult time.

Staff amazing care 1st class

Accident and emergency services
April 6, 2021
Went to a/e. Long long wait but given blood transfusion in a/e before going to gate 41. Looked after very well

Very difficult times but feel reassured

February 16, 2021
My grandad was admitted and stayed at gate 41 for 3 days. We were so worried as we couldn’t see him or speak with him so was relying on phone contact with nurses.
There were some delays in the phones being answered but we do understand that. I’d like to specifically mention one member of staff, who spoke to me twice in one day to update me fully on his condition, the plans and what they would investigate or do once certain results came back. She empathised with how we were feeling and gave me the time to ask anything and did not make me feel rushed, even though I know she was very busy. On being discharged my grandad said that on one occasion someone would not pour him a drink when he asked, as they said they’d seen him walk to the toilet. He’d only asked as he was shaking and worried about spilling. Other than that 1 incident, he said he had been looked after brilliantly and could not fault anyone else. That’s reassuring considering how frightened he’d been about being in there alone.
Carrie Hilton

Nurses are fantastic

February 6, 2020
Have to have yearly mammograms
Nurses fantastic very reassuring and competent
Appointments always on time and if you arrive early thet see you ASAP

End of life care

October 15, 2019
End of life care was very understanding of his dementia.
Compassion, respect and dignity.
Linda Barraclough


September 26, 2019
I was rushed in to hospital with heart problems and had 4 stents fitted. They were absolutely brilliant at Pinderfields.

Easy and on time appointments

Breast Clinic
June 21, 2019
Easy to make an appointment. Referred by the GP. Welcome pack given to me. Only male doctors (i wanted a female doctor). Appointment on time and clean facilities too.
Courtney allday

Long wait

Accident and emergency services
June 13, 2019
I sat 11.5 hours in the waiting room on hard chairs to be seen by a doctor. The care was good when I was actually seen but the long wait wasn't acceptable. I had pneumonia and was extremely unwell.


February 19, 2019
Staff are good. Waiting times are decent.
Quality of service is good.
P. S