Single Point of Access (SPA) - Mental Health*

*We recognise that on our website there are mostly negative reviews about this service . We are working with South West Yorkshire Partnership Foundation Trust to support their plan to improve the way things are working - Healthwatch Kirklees. Please see the 'Our Work' section on this website to find out more about the work we've been doing. The Calderdale and Kirklees Single Point of Access team receives all referrals for mental health services in Calderdale and Kirklees. The team directs all the referrals to the most appropriate Trust services or advises the referrer of the best organisation to contact. The team screens all referrals for urgency i.e. whether they need a response within 4 hours, 24 hours or 14 days. They meet with people who have been screened to need a 4 or 24 hour response (urgent referral) face to face to assess their needs and also sees some people who need an assessment within 14 days. The single point of access team also provides a 24 hour, 7 day a week helpline for service users and can offer advice to referrers at any time. It also manages all inpatient ward beds in Kirklees and provides a gatekeeping service to assess whether people need to be admitted to hospital or can be nursed in their home environment. It does this along with its sister team, Kirklees intensive home based treatment.


01924 316830

Beckside Court
2nd Floor
286 Bradford Road
WF17 5PW


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Terrible, uncaring, unhelpful

September 14, 2021
I have complex mental health issues and the community teams are unable to assist me, my gp referred me to spa as i need to see pshyc they closed the referral straight away without notifying me or my gp and said oh community can help her when they cant help at all. Nobody cares till you're dead its a joke

Gp referred my partner to the crisis team

July 25, 2021
Gp referred my partner to the crisis team in the first lockdown,we are still waiting for a appointment and before anyone says it, chase it up!!
I cant as he has capacity and hes unwel so wont chase it up himself as it took me ages to just get him to see the gp.

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I am sorry to hear of your difficulties with the service. if you would like to discuss this please call 01924 316830 and ask for Cate.

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July 16, 2021
First of all the people who answer are really rude and when the mental health stuff you might as well talk to yourself. Because they surely don’t like to what you say I fell like I’m back at square one
Georgina carroll

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Hi Georgina

I am sorry to hear about your experience and would appreciate it if you could call to discuss this further. Please call SPA on 01924-316830 and ask for Cate.


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Disgusting ambivalence

April 30, 2021
Called when my significant other was in severe distress and suicidal.

Got told help was an inappropriate use of their time and A&Es and just told to "ride it out".

The lack of understanding was unbelievable. In fact I'd say that it's better not to call as they made matters worse.

They offered no advice, help, suggestions or insight.

I cannot stress enough how utterly useless, incompetent, unsympathetic, and dismissive they are.

If they haven't got blood on their hand already, then its only matter of time.

I am disgusted beyond words.

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I am sorry to read that you feel that you have had a bad experience. If you would like to discuss this further please contact me on 01924 316830.


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Non careing. Given the wrong advice multiple.

February 24, 2021

Horrible staff, completely not helpful.

December 3, 2020
I can't understand how people working in a place like this can ignore the people who contact with them!

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Dear Ewa

I am sorry that you feel like this towards Single Point of Access. We continue to work with Health Watch, service users and carers to help us to develop the service. I would appreciate it if you could contact me at Single Point of Access on 01924 316830 if you would like to discuss and share your thoughts on how we can continue to develop the service.

Kind Regards
Cate Martin
Team manager Single Point of Access

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Treated fairly and got the right help

April 13, 2020
Been a few years since i used the service, but I wouldnt hesitate to ring them again if i needed to. I was happy with the care I received from the service

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Dear Service User
Thank you so much for your kind comments and taking the time to write them. I will convey your comments to our staff. I hope that your comments will also help allay any fears that some people may have contacting the Single Point of Access as it is so important that people can have the confidence you use the Service and feel that they can gain the right help.
If you have any further comments please feel welcome to contact me.
Kind Regards
John Price
Calderdale and Kirklees Single Point of Access Manager
01924 316830

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Terribly terrible

February 18, 2020
Dont bother wasting your time with this bunch. The report in Huddersfield examiner dated 18/02/20 barely scratches the surface. The service is not fit for purpose and needs an independent review on how this service treats people in time if distress. Like others have said a warm cup of milk and a hot bath dont really help when your so low in the pit.

Reply from Single Point of Access (SPA) - Mental Health*

Dear Daniel
I am so sorry that you feel like this towards the Single Point of Access. We are working with Health Watch, Service Users and Carers to help us develop the Service. It would be really helpful if you could contact me at the Single Point of Access on 01924 316830 or through Healthwatch, as they are happy to help to be involved in such meetings, if you would like to discuss and share some thoughts on how you would like the Service to develop.
We are undergoing a lot of change as a Service at the moment and your thoughts and ideas would be really helpful.
Kind Regards
John Price
Manager of SPA

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Said I was annoyed each morning I work up.

December 14, 2019
Thinking of suicide all the time but didn't manage to get my point across. I have no doubt that they'll just fob me off like last time. Put me on a 2 week referral but they need to take me seriously because my self harm is getting worse.

Approaching crisis but too scared to call.

November 30, 2019
I've had new symptoms of seeing people/animals that aren't there, thinking weird things and occasionally hearing a voice. I know I should speak to someone, but I've had such bad experiences with the SPA team.

Once after speaking to police about a case against my childhood abuser, I felt so desperately suicidal that I called SPA and the guy said "thousands of people have these thoughts every day and we can't do anything about it"

Some lady said "look, you're always going to have problems with anxiety"

I've very rarely encountered a decent human on these phone lines, although there are some nice employees in the trust in general.

I don't like being unwell and I'm scared of getting worse over time, however if I call and encounter a dehumanising and unsympathetic person (more often than not) then it will make me worse acutely and it's not worth the risk.