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Trying to escalate appointment

October 19, 2021
I have been trying to escalate appointment for ongoing issues after surgery but I feel I'm not being taken seriously and nothing is being done it is now interfering with my work and having to take time off

it's appalling

October 19, 2021
there are no regular staff. practice manager is rude. the care is awful.

Tried for days to get through on the phone

June 1, 2021
When you can actually get to speak to someone the service is generally pretty good but it's nigh on impossible to get someone to answer the phone in the first place. I was told to phone, by the practice, so they need to have someone available to answer the phone

Highly satisfied

December 15, 2020
Today was my first visit to actually see a Doctor and I must say what a kind and caring lady. She gave me a thorough examination and I had blood tests, which I will have my report on Thursday. The receptionists, two lovely helpful girls, gave good service concerning a prescription which I needed
All in all a good experience.......keep this up Broughton House and we’re all on to a winner.....thank you
Janet Robinson

Very uncaring GP surgery.

October 30, 2020
I have been with this GP surgery for over 25 years and for 24 years the doctors and all the staff were more than excellent .caring and helpful.
However the surgery was taken over by a new provider early 2020.
Since then all the doctors and all reception staff have changed ,with the exception of the practice nurse and the healthcare assistant who remain outstanding.
The practice needs an in-depth investigation into its way of operating.
The doctors do not have a duty of care,records are lost,referrals not actioned telephone consultations not kept.
Reception staff have no concept of the service they should be providing and often rude to patients trying to explain their problems.(obviously no training, and being young have no life experiences to fall back on)
Online medication requests are not forwarded to your selected chemist, and the chemist has to chase the surgery on your behalf.
Thankfully Mileusnic chemist Batley are providing a faultless service during the pandemic ,where we have been in shielding for 6 months

Amazing doctor - got what I needed done

October 28, 2020
I had an out-of-hours appointment, so it was my first experience of this service.
Th doctor was knowledgeable, kind and made sure I was happy and gave clear instructions on how to take the medications prescribed, as well as how to prevent my condition coming back.

Very rude, arrogant receptionist

October 28, 2020
I rang Monday lunchtime to ask for my gabapentin prescription to be re-authorised, I was told it would be Wednesday. So I said that I would have no tablets left then so would it definitely be at the pharmacy Wednesday for me to collect, and I was told yes definitely. My husband went to the pharmacy today and the prescription wasn’t there so I rang the drs. I was told that it hadn’t been authorised yet and NHS guidelines state 48hrs, I told the receptionist that it had been 48hrs and she then began to raise her voice and speak over me stating that we are in the middle of a pandemic. I then told her that funnily enough I am aware of this and the pandemic has nothing to do with having my prescription ready when it should be, and not to speak to me like that, she then told me that I was shouting at her, which I wasn’t but had to raise my voice to be heard. I then told her that I was ending the call as I didn’t like her manner, and she was still talking over me so I put the phone down. I have never, ever been spoken to like that by any other receptionist. She really needs to be trained in customer service. There are signs in the surgery stating that staff will not put up with verbal abuse, but what about the patients? Do we not deserve the same?
This practice’s reception staff used to be excellent, but since early this year they are rubbish, phones go unanswered and then cut out. Just seems as if they don’t care!
Patricia Taylor

Just given painkillers

January 27, 2020
I have had an ongoing problem and some days I find the pain unbearable. I go to the doctors and they just give painkillers.

Efficient but inconsistent

January 16, 2019
Very hard to get an appointment. Once you arrive you are seen quickly, GP seems fine, but never see the same one twice.

Helpful staff

December 13, 2018
Staff - there's no women, but they're all sensitive and helpful to people's problems. Waiting times are manageable