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No compassion for elderly patients.

March 7, 2022
My mum who is in her 80s has been trying to get an appointment for the past week. The mantra of the staff is ‘no appointments ring back at 8am tomorrow’. There is no attempt at all to find out if there is an urgency or an offer to give a pre-booked call back. She attempted to put her request in an ‘e-consultation’ request but got an email telling her to ring back at 8am tomorrow. She was in tears after receiving the email and feels that no-one at the practice cares about her or is prepared to discuss her condition. Looking at the CQC standards how does this fit with being a caring service and being responsive to people’s needs?
Karen Lamb

very difficult to get an appointment

November 11, 2021
Like other patients who have recently posted comments, getting an appointment by phoning or going online is pretty much impossible. E-consult is a good way of getting a problem sorted, but why does it say on their website "PLEASE DO NOT USE E-CONSULTATION TO REQUEST A GP APPOINTMENT'" This is so off-putting : surely if you want advice you will need an appointment! And why is the E-Consult not available outside the Practice hours ? If you are working, you need time in the evenings or weekends to complete it. This practice is really struggling.

Access to medical services near impossible

August 9, 2021
Long wait times on the telephone, 'online booking via Patient Access' a complete waste of time as nothing is available. Medical services are good when you get past the hurdle of the reception who seem to do their best to ensure you do not get even a telephone 'consultation'

Damp and Disgusting.

July 14, 2021
You can ring this surgery as much as you like. You’ll never get through. Receptionists are rude and refuse your medication on repeat prescription. Even when it’s nothing to with them.

I’ve had to wait 6 weeks for an appointment which I booked online. After the telephone consultation I was asked to go into to the surgery. Well, as soon as you enter the waiting room you are greeted with the overwhelming smell of mold. I sat by the window and I could clearly see the problem. Paint bubbling and peeling from the wall, Black mold around the window frames. It had even inhabited the vertical blinds. Absolutely foul, you could smell the damp through a face mask. I managed to take a picture so I’ve got proof of the issue should it be required. Safe to say. I’ll be taking my ailments else wear.

Disgusting staff really have no manners at al

June 18, 2021
Slammed phone down half way through receptionist was rude cocky and tried to rebuff me for daring to ask her to do her job ie order a prescription because Web down

Impossible to get an appointment

June 3, 2021
After numerous attempts to contact the surgery by phone, I finally spoke to a receptionist. I was advised that there were no urgent or non-urgent appointments available (really?) and that a small number of online appointments would be released at 08:00 am the next morning. The next day I waited for the promised online appointments to be released. By 08:30 am no appointments had been released and I tried to contact the practice by phone to make an appointment. 100+ calls later, I gave up and phoned another surgery in the locality to ask if they would accept me as a new patient. I am now registered with this practice and have been seen a GP with a treatment plan already in place. My new practice couldn’t do enough for me & I am only sorry that I persisted with Lindley Group Practice for as long as I did. I feel so sorry for the elderly and vulnerable patients at this practice and hope that, eventually, the practice will be made accountable to its customers. If not, I fear that many more patients will vote with their feet!

Awful reception staff

April 23, 2021
Receptionists do everything they can to stop you seeing a doctor
judith frame

Extremely difficult to get an appointment

April 22, 2021
The online same day appointments run out at about 8.15 am (today the choice was two locums which might be OK for a one-off problem but not for an on-going one) and by the time you have got through to the receptionist by phone all the appointments have gone. You have to wait 6 weeks for a "non-urgent" appointment and then you have only have a choice of 3 slots (all before 8 am) and 1 doctor (so you probably won't get to see the doctor of your choice). These slots run out before 8.30 am so there is no mechanism for booking an appointment of any description later in the day when it's more convenient. And I have never yet been able to book an afternoon appointment which would be more convenient for me.

Abrupt, off hand staff, phone calls unanswered

January 24, 2021
Advert on TV, says "if you have a health problem, don't worry ring your doctor", but this is okay if a person actually answers the phone!!! Tried for 8 days at various times, but each call clicked off, no ring at all. Went to the surgery to ask receptionist to ask doc for phone call. The off hand abrupt reply from receptionist was "No, you have to ring the surgery",I replied I have been ringing for 8 days but can't get through "!!. Receptionist then said" go home and keep ringing ", which I did for another 3 days but got no reply. Not at all a good experience during this Covid time, without any explanation .Pleasant and understanding staff may ease the situation, but sending a patient home in excruciating knee pain, to continue ringing the surgery, instead of just taking the message for the doctor to contact me is appalling.

Very poor reception staff

January 11, 2021
Reception staff are never positive or caring but today they were rude and the tone and approach was completley not needed - asking for an appointmenet should not leave you feeling dreadful