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This service covers the various COVID-19 vaccination centres in Kirklees. Please try and identify the location you received your vaccination when you leave a review.



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February 10, 2021
I had to complete a form and answer some basic health questions . i felt reassured by this as i thought they were taking all the necessary precautions to keep me safe and healthy.

nurse who came was friendly and fine

February 10, 2021
i have had to wait a considerable amount of time to get the vaccination so overall experience of getting the vaccine has been challenging however, having the vaccine itself was good

Quick and Efficient Service

February 9, 2021
I booked my vaccination slot online in the morning and there were plenty of time slots available for me to choose from. When I arrived at the Stadium there were lots of marshals on hand to direct me and answer my questions. Check-in was quick and professional with my details already in the system and the wait time was minimal. The jab itself was administered quickly by a very nice nurse while all my details were checked and verified by another person. All in all it was a very friendly and professional experience and I would recommend the John Smith’s Stadium vaccinations centre to anyone.
Alexa Oakley

Vaccination at Dewsbury Health Centre

February 8, 2021
Vaccinaton at Dewsbury Health Centre Parking very good well marshalled. Social distancing throughout. Good flow through the procedures. Hand sanitizer and encouraged to use. Information given good. Cheerful and efficient.

Vaccination centre

February 8, 2021
Vaccination centre. Kirkburton. Parking was good and the volunteers were welcoming and helpful. Standing out in the rain, although not for long, was not good but we were fortunate that we had a large umbrella. Noticed a very elderly lady quite disabled with stick, bag and umbrella and having trouble standing left outside in rain. This could have been helped by someone popping down the queue and offering seating - perhaps in the Foyer. A temporary shelter would be an excellent idea for the queuing process as this process is set to go on for some time. Entrance - should have had the light lit. I am severely sighted and this would have helped me personally but also would have been more welcoming.
I didn't realise until later that there was no encouragement to sanitise hands either going in or coming out. Someone drawing your attention to the sanitizer, which I did not see at all, would have been good practice. There would have been two opportunities to do this - at the entrance and at the reception desk.
All people were allowed to enter the reception with no-one checking about their current health until you entered the Nurses vaccination room.
A good example was a recent visit for a blood test where health questions were asked before you were allowed to go through a security door.
Receptionists were welcoming and clear and checked your details on a computer before being directed to seats which were well spaced out. Again here would have been an opportunity for some short health questions. Information sheets were handed to me at Reception. Were there other formats such as language and size of text available? The spec of the vaccination was very small writing. This could be enlarged and offered as an alternative. There was no evidence of chairs being santized after people moved in and out of the seating area.
After name(s) being called as my husband accompanied me, we were led into the Vaccination Room/Nurse Station. Explaining that I was severely sighted and my husband was deaf there was no problem with us being in the room together to help each other. The Nurse and her assistant, who was doing the computer work, were very pleasant and the Nurse clearly asked all the questions about allergies and current health and spoke to us both in turn.We were directed out through a different door to the entrance door.
All in all it was an efficient and quick session but improvements could be made. It is not a pop up event but this could go on for many months and the improvements could easily be implemented.

Very well managed & organised

February 8, 2021
Very well organised & managed. From parking my car to leaving the building. Advised to wait in my car for 15 minutes & was informed about possible side effects . Brilliant Service!!

Really well organised

February 8, 2021
The whole experience took around 5 minutes, separated from waiting with patients visiting the doctors surgery
Maria Williamson

Quick but not assured

February 7, 2021
Following receiving a date , time and venue for my appointment its was very quick at Cathedral House Huddersfield , however being over 70 and hearing all the hype of positive and negatives . I was very alarmed that I was given the vaccination and told to carry on with my day as normal and not wait the 15 minutes like my friends and family in the health service , just incase there was any adverse effects. Thankfully apart from feeling a little rough in the evening and the following day I was ok.

Very safe and thorough process

February 7, 2021
Found it to be very efficient, minimal wait time and professional service. NHS doing what it does best

I can’t fault the service. Excellent

February 7, 2021
I was really anxious about the jab but the nurse was so lovely and explained everything and really reassured me.