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This service covers the various COVID-19 vaccination centres in Kirklees. Please try and identify the location you received your vaccination when you leave a review.



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2nd covid vaccination

June 14, 2021
Low waiting time. Seen immediately. Friendly and helpful staff.

Excellent service from start to finish

June 10, 2021
The staff at John Smith Stadium were extremely friendly and made you feel at ease, answered all questions and eased all fears. Cant praise the service enough.
Debbie Taylor

Well organised

June 10, 2021
Well organised, efficient and friendly although the actual vaccination experience was a little rough compared with the first vaccination.

Went for 1st Covid vaccination

May 20, 2021
Welcomed by members of staff. Given clear directions. Everything was organised well. Good hygiene in place.

Centre was shut when I showed up for my jab!

May 15, 2021
I had my first dose of the vaccine on the 20th February and they made me an appointment there and then for today, the 15th May. Honestly, I cannot fault the experience of the first injection, it was flawless. Today however, I got a lift to the Al-Hikmah centre and arrived five minutes before my appointment time only to find the gates locked and everything shut! I had had no phone call from them or my GP to let me know this was going to be the case and help me book another appointment. As it is exactly 12 weeks since my first injection I am slightly worried that this second one won't be as effective as currently the booking website is showing me that my nearest vaccination centre with free slots is in Bramley, Leeds!

Really well organised

May 13, 2021
Visited Cathedral House vaccination centre for my first jab. It was really well organised, everyone involved was friendly and helpful and there was a very calm atmosphere which helped to put people at ease. Only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is that there was a group of 3 people being vaccinated together ahead of me which meant I was waiting longer to move forward to the cubicle than a number of people around me - may have been better to take that into consideration and leave that cubicle waiting queue free until the last of the trio was being vaccinated. All in all though a great experience. Good that the coffee area is open too for anyone waiting.

Quick and efficient

May 12, 2021
Was slightly nervous about going for my jab but the experience was better than I expected - well organised and easy access to the Stadium, slight queue when I arrived but it moved quickly and helpful and informative staff gave information at each stage. The jab was administered quickly and efficiently and useful advice was given regarding possible side effects. The only side effect I had was a sore arm for a few days.
R Wood

Very efficient process

April 29, 2021
had a phone call from my practice to fix the date for the appointment. had to queue outside building but was not waiting long. Good arrangements re marchalls explaining what to expect. All socially distanced. Actual injection was quick and painless. Very impressed by the organisation of it.

Easy to book an appointment

April 14, 2021
Very good
Francis Reddington

V efficient and organised

March 14, 2021
Straight in, clear directions, a lady asked me a few general health questions then in, done and out within 5 mins. V impressed
R Greenwood