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Told to go to A&E when I had already been

November 13, 2023
Chest pain, sickness, nausea was checked out with ECG at A&E. 2 days later no better but the receptionist at Meltham Group Practice kept referring me back to A&E despite new symptom indicating a UTI. Wouldn't look further than her checklist. I had to call an ambulance and both the paramedics and A&E staff said the local practice had over-reacted. At A&E I was prescribed a strong antibiotic which unfortunately didn't work. I rang 111 for further help two days later as I felt the receptionist's checklist would bounce me back at A&E. By this time I was very ill. Luckily the 111 doctor prescribed a change of antibiotic that worked. Failing to make an appointment for me wasted NHS resources and tied up an ambulance that might have been needed elsewhere. It also delayed effective treatment. I have left the practice as I have lost faith in being treated quickly when I need it in the future.

waiting too long for appointment to see GP

June 21, 2023
I was waiting nearly an hour to get through on the phone i gave up and completed a patches request online. Waited a week for a face to face pre booked appointment. Then on the day of the appointment waiting 50 minutes for my young child to be seen.

Need more face to face appointments

June 30, 2022
I had a recurring skin issue and when I rang for an appointment I was repeatedly given a phone appointment. I would describe my skin issue and even send pictures but I was just given a multitude of creams that didn't resolve it.
After a period of about 3-4 months I went back and forth having phone call after phone call and trying different creams.
Eventually, I put my foot down and had a bit of an argument with them and they eventually allowed me to come into the surgery to see a doctor in person. He swabbed my skin and a week later rang me to tell me I had a new prescription waiting for me.
After using this cream my skin was almost fully healed in 4 days! Having had the issue for over 4 months it took 1 face-to-face appointment to resolve the issue in 4 days.

Receptionists very abrupt and rude.

October 22, 2018
Their general attitude

Check up

September 12, 2018
Everything was fine in regards to making the appointment etc.
Barbara Petty

doctor surgery

April 5, 2018
-They listen and welling to help
-Receptionists are helpful
Janelte Porter

Couple of problems

August 4, 2016
Couple of problems with a doctor, not very helpful
Nicola Holberry


July 27, 2016
Helpful staff and always a pleasant experience
Alaa Hamzah


July 27, 2016
I have been satisfied with the service here.
Fred Shaw

Nothing is too much trouble

July 27, 2016
Nothing is too much trouble for this surgery. If you have any queries they always call you back. They go above and beyond what is expected I think. I can always get an appointment. My prescriptions are ready the next day. Excellent service and practice. They were willing to discuss new pathways for my medication and I was included in this decision. They changed my medication after 10 years and it has made a great difference, my old doctor wouldn't change them they didn't seem to care like they do here