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Reviews (63)

Appointment availability good and ease of goo

May 28, 2024
Never had an issue getting to see a doctor or nurse practitioner. My diabetes is checked regularly and staff have always been courteous and well mannered


February 10, 2023
Friendly people. Generally seen on time. They generally give me enough time.

Disrespectful receptionists

October 5, 2022
The receptionists at the health centre no matter how long you ring for never seem to answer the phones, and if you do get through are normally met with rude attitudes and ignorance.

Very good

August 30, 2022
I visited the surgery today and have been referred . Told to let them know if I don’t hear anything in two weeks time . Very good

Answer your phones, appaling service

June 10, 2022
Tried phoning for a sick note left it ringing for half hour but no answer thats no way to run a service , always the same pathetic excuse for a health service ,and not everyone has internet service . Not happy at all

The lady doctor is excellent but the doctors

August 21, 2021
I needs regular blood tests for a drug I take however due to things going in my private I missed one When I rang the doctors to find out when it was due I found out the doctors had added this to another blood test without telling me or asking my permission I know this may sound stupid but it is my blood after all The Practice seem to think this is alright but I control life and not them they should of asked first

Just dont answer the phone anytime

August 9, 2021
For the past 20 years I've had no issues with the services received from Mirfield Health Centre BUT recently no one ever answers the phone when called , tried at different times throughout the day .. Very frustrating causing people to call 111 if any issues arise.

Dr is fantastic!

May 10, 2021
I would like to thank Dr for being such a breath of fresh air. She listens to your concerns and is genuinely interested in you. She has so much compassion and works collaboratively with you to find a solution. I recently moved to Huddersfield so sadly won’t have her again but I have recommended her to my family and they have since had phone consultations with Dr and are very happy with her care. Thank you for being so lovely and compassionate in this awful time.

Phone lines just ring

April 19, 2021
I am new to this doctors as just moved house and I have been trying to get through for an hour and a half. Either the phone doesn't ring and says user busy or it just rings and rings and no one picks up I just left it ringing in the end and after 17 minutes someone finally picked up. My old doctors have hold music and this would be very useful to use this at this practise. Not a good first impression.

Can never get through on the ohone

November 24, 2020
Can't get to see a Dr