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The lady doctor is excellent but the doctors

August 21, 2021
I needs regular blood tests for a drug I take however due to things going in my private I missed one When I rang the doctors to find out when it was due I found out the doctors had added this to another blood test without telling me or asking my permission I know this may sound stupid but it is my blood after all The Practice seem to think this is alright but I control life and not them they should of asked first

Just dont answer the phone anytime

August 9, 2021
For the past 20 years I've had no issues with the services received from Mirfield Health Centre BUT recently no one ever answers the phone when called , tried at different times throughout the day .. Very frustrating causing people to call 111 if any issues arise.

Dr is fantastic!

May 10, 2021
I would like to thank Dr for being such a breath of fresh air. She listens to your concerns and is genuinely interested in you. She has so much compassion and works collaboratively with you to find a solution. I recently moved to Huddersfield so sadly won’t have her again but I have recommended her to my family and they have since had phone consultations with Dr and are very happy with her care. Thank you for being so lovely and compassionate in this awful time.

Phone lines just ring

April 19, 2021
I am new to this doctors as just moved house and I have been trying to get through for an hour and a half. Either the phone doesn't ring and says user busy or it just rings and rings and no one picks up I just left it ringing in the end and after 17 minutes someone finally picked up. My old doctors have hold music and this would be very useful to use this at this practise. Not a good first impression.

Can never get through on the ohone

November 24, 2020
Can't get to see a Dr

Professional and timely

September 30, 2020
During this pandemic, I have dealt with the surgery on various occasions. Whilst it is not always easy to get through on the phones. Once you are through, the nurses and doctors have always been professional and timely. I needed swift action, and it was delivered.

Prescription problems

September 22, 2020
So been with this practice for a fair few years and then the practice updated its system to online prescription which was great and that’s until recently when now you want to order MEDICATION I need it now says can’t order them until so and so date well I am sorry but need these now (inhalers) can’t really hold back important medication like this , so now you phone reception to tell you can’t do it over the phone but I am explaining can’t do it online , I used to have 3 inhalers but last time they thought it was a great idea to only allow 1 , how daft so if I lose that one then I am stuffed well done to this practise, so now had it upped to 2 after arguing my case( shouldn’t have to should of been common sense) I said I had ran out but receptionist said I would have to wait 2 days , I said that will after to be fine for her to say so you haven’t really ran out then , my reply yes I have but beats waiting another week. My wife as also come across this same policy of giving people a date they can order prescription my wife says it doesn’t add up and the tablets she takes shouldn’t have a pause in between so again this practice to risking me and my wife’s health well done , another note they never answer the phone and to see a doctor is a joke, the amount of time I see those waiting seats empty but some how can’t make appointment with a doctor , mustn’t have any doctors here

Getting through on the telephone is a nightmare

September 10, 2020
I rang this morning and the call lasted over 6 minutes the phone just ringing out with no reply, and after 5 more attempts with no success, the phone was engaged. I gave up. Thank goodness it wasn't an urgent call.

Very poor

August 18, 2020
I've had to go to 2 private doctors to get any help with a severe issue and even though I've done this the doctors at the surgery will not help assist within the NHS for follow up investigations, I've also discovered that my medical records are not accurate or reflect my exsisting medical issues in full hindering assessments and follow up , phonecalls to reception aren't logged and its often difficult to even get past reception to speak a doctor ,this also is not an isolated case as 2 other members of my family are also getting fobbed off when approaching the surgery with health cincerns

Could not have been better!!

June 16, 2020
Contacted the surgery for my 94yr old mum. Described skin condition, prescription issued. Several contacts over a few weeks to repeat or alter treatment.Efficient and caring treatment from reception to GP’s. Could not wish for a better surgery.
Fran Dargan