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Community Champions – Diabetes Findings


Healthwatch Kirklees has worked in partnership with (Third Sector Leaders) Community Champions to reach over 2000 people to tackle:

  • Diabetes and risk factors awareness
  • The challenges and barriers to accessing diabetes services and support faced by individuals

In this report, you’ll find information about barriers and recommendations:

  • Awareness – The unanimous mention of a lack of awareness of services, risks and support across all demographics underscores the need for more robust outreach and education efforts.
  • Language & Communication – Beyond the linguistic challenges often associated with non-native English speakers, the data revealed that individuals with learning disabilities face similar barriers.
  • Time Constraints – Time emerged as a significant barrier, especially among working-age individuals and those with physical impairments.
  • Gender Disparities – The distinct challenges women face, particularly regarding language and understanding, emphasise the need for gender-sensitive approaches in service provision and communication.


By Healthwatch Kirklees and Healthwatch Calderdale
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