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Kirkwood Hospice Engagement

Healthwatch Kirklees is asking current service users their views and experiences of ‘The Kirkwood’. We would like to find out what you think about the services they offer.

By Healthwatch Kirklees
Social care Engagement
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Offering people free Body Mass Index (BMI) checks and heart rhythm checks

Healthwatch Kirklees regularly go out into the community to talk to people about their experience of health and social care services.

We’re always looking for different ways to engage people so we decided to take out some equipment to provide people with some basic health checks.

Long term health conditions Engagement

What are patient and carer views of stroke services in West Yorkshire

Healthwatch was asked by West Yorkshire and Harrogate health services to talk to patients, carers and the wider public, about what people thought about possible new ways of providing the care that they need when they have a stroke or care for someone who has.

The work was aimed at people who have experienced a stroke but did include methods to capture the views of the wider public also.

Hospital Long term health conditions Engagement

Patient and carer views of respite services in Kirklees

Kirklees Council wanted to ensure that respite provision within Kirklees met the needs of service users and carers.

Social care Engagement

How can people return equipment they no longer need

During 2017, Healthwatch Kirklees repeatedly heard stories from people who were struggling to return equipment they no longer needed; things like crutches, zimmer frames and wheelchairs.

People either didn’t know where to return it or, when they tried to return it, they were often told they’d gone to the wrong place or that the service didn’t want it back.

Social care Engagement

How often do you visit a dentist

Access to dentistry in Kirklees has been a massive issue for Healthwatch in the last 5 years with 60% of people we asked in 2016 not having an NHS Dentist. One comment we heard in a bus station in Dewsbury said “I go to the dentist every 6 months. I never have any work done, just a checkup.” We wondered why people in pain could not find a dentist, whilst others has check-ups for healthy teeth.

Dentistry Engagement
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The health and care experiences of people living in Kirklees during the Covid-19 outbreak


To gather a full understanding of the experience of health and care services during the Covid-19 outbreak, over a period over of 12 weeks (end of May to end of August 2020) Healthwatch Kirklees used a variety of different engagement approaches and tools including a survey and virtual focus groups to talk to people living and working in Kirklees.

By Healthwatch Kirklees and Healthwatch Calderdale
Covid-19 Engagement

Sexual health services in Kirklees

Sexual health services in Kirklees are provided by Locala.  The Commissioner (Public Health) has asked Healthwatch Kirklees to find out what people think about these services:  What works well? What could be improved? What’s important to people? Are there any barriers for people who want to access these services?

By Clare Costello
General Practitioner (GP) Council and Clinical Commissioning Group Engagement