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Healthwatch Working Together across West Yorkshire – End of life care report


Project to collect and present the experiences of people receiving end-of-life care and their loved ones, particularly those facing inequality and inequity, so that the NHS West Yorkshire Integrated Care Board (WY ICB) can make changes that improve services for everyone in the West Yorkshire region.

In this report you’ll find:

  • What we already know about end-of-life care
  • What we have learned
  • Health inequalities review
  • Findings by place: Bradford District & Craven, Leeds, Wakefield District, Kirklees and Calderdale
  • Next steps


By Healthwatch working together in West Yorkshire
West Yorkshire End-of-life care

Healthwatch insight report on Mental Health


This report is a summary of the key messages around people’s experience of mental health support across West Yorkshire. The data comes from a range of sources including previous engagement work and research carried out in local areas by Healthwatch and third sector and statutory partners, enquiries received by Healthwatch, feedback shared with West Yorkshire Voice and reports produced in local places and at a West Yorkshire level.
What you’ll find in this report:
• What we’re hearing: what’s working and what could be improved
• Insight on: person-centred care, communication and information, health inequalities, access, care coordination, kindness and compassion.
• Recommendations

By Healthwatch working together in West Yorkshire
Mental Health West Yorkshire

The public’s experience of NHS dentistry in West Yorkshire


Over the last 10 years, Healthwatch across West Yorkshire (including Craven in North Yorkshire) have worked hard to alert NHS providers and commissioners to the significant gaps in dentistry services. In this report we’ve included a timeline summarising the work delivered around NHS dentistry by Healthwatch, in which you can see that we have repeatedly raised our concerns to various partners involved in the delivery and commissioning of NHS dental services. Our most significant successes have been working with local MPs to increase the number of units of dental activity commissioned areas of the region on a temporary basis. In this report you’ll find more information on impact our work has had as well as
• Key issues
• How we’ve tried to address these issues
• Changes we’d like to see

By Healthwatch working together in West Yorkshire
Dentistry West Yorkshire