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Prescription service getting worse

August 18, 2021
i put in a prescription request by hand on Monday 16th Aug because i was having trouble ordering online, and Tuesday i received a text from the surgery saying (dear xxx your request for toujeo has been declined as it is not due. please request 1 week before due date. thank you Parkview surgery ) the other item seems o.k. this is not the first time this has happened its the 3rd. I start my last 300 toujeo pen tomoro and at my present dose lasts 5 days. so today i have had to go to the surgery with my 2nd request for toujeo which will run out next tuesday allowing the recomended 4 working days suggested wait for the chemist to have my prescription ready and they are closed sat and sunday that is rather a waist of my time plus too close for comfort for my stress levels .also how does the doctor know when i will run out??? its liquid and i use varying amounts per injection ? therefore it runs out at different intervals? just causing me stress for nothing.
nicholas barrett

Poor Care

June 15, 2021
Letters from my hospital consultant which included medication prescribing advice took up to three weeks to be scanned onto the system and then actioned. On one occasion I contacted the surgery 4 days after receiving a copy of the letter. I was advised the letter was not on the system and the Care Navigator did not have the time to look through 'a thousand' letters but if I brought my copy in they would scan it. It then took a further 4 working days for the medication to be prescribed. I submitted a letter of concern about this to the surgery over a month ago, I have had NO response.
At a recent appointment, the GP was very abrupt and towards the end of the consultation stood up and moved to the door whilst I was still talking.
A relative had blood results for levels of his medication. It took so long for the results to be reviewed that the GP asked for the blood tests to be repeated before he would prescribe an increased dose of the medication.
The GP telephone message asks for patience with the team as they are short staffed. This has been the same message for over a year. It is not for the patient to accept a lower standard of care because of the surgeries shortfall.

Not bothered

April 9, 2021
My wife has been waiting from 3rd march for information to treat blood clot in eye, when finally got someone to ring us 3 weeks later we had to do a week of home blood pressure tests, when we finally got a reply from those the chap didn't even know about my wife's problem he hadn't even read why we were doing it. Now we can't even get through on phone, two hours today trying.

Reply from Parkview Surgery

This reply is from Healthwatch Kirklees. We are sorry to hear about the difficulties you're experiencing; if you would like some help with this, please call us on 01924 450379 or email and we will do our best to assist.

Provider responded

They literally hate seeing patients!

January 18, 2021
Had an incredibly awful experience where a doctor there told me he didn't deal with "women's problems". Their phone lines are always "broken" and when you can finally go down you wait 25-30 minutes minimum to be seen and then they can't rush you out quick enough!

Receptionist is incredibly rude

July 28, 2020
During coronavirus I had to visit with my seven week old Baby. Upon following signs to press buzzer to enter the receptionist was incredibly curt and rude to me about using the wrong buzzer.

Very good

July 25, 2019
Good appointments good system of ordering meds
Paul Thornton

friendly and helpful

July 10, 2019
Moved over to Cleckheaton 13 years ago and never had a problem with appointments. The staff are friendly and helpful, shortage of doctors, more nurse practitioners. Waiting time not a problem. Managed to get representation on doctors updated for PRG and Carers Count

Carers count group is brilliant

July 10, 2019
I attend a group for carers at the health centre. I did a looking after me course and Tai chi class

very good

July 10, 2019
I attend a carers group at the health centre. I have found it very good. They have put me in touch with a bereavement group and meditation course, I continue to meditate at home.

carers group

July 10, 2019
I attend a carers group at the health centre. I enjoy this group and it is very helpful. They sometimes have guest speakers