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Why can’t I find an NHS Dentist in Kirklees

If there is one issue that defines Healthwatch in Kirklees, it is access to NHS Dentistry. It was the first thing that people said to us when we started in 2013, and people ring us every single week looking for NHS dentists in Kirklees.

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What are patient and carer views of stroke services in West Yorkshire

Healthwatch was asked by West Yorkshire and Harrogate health services to talk to patients, carers and the wider public, about what people thought about possible new ways of providing the care that they need when they have a stroke or care for someone who has.

The work was aimed at people who have experienced a stroke but did include methods to capture the views of the wider public also.

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Inaccurate dental information on the NHS choices website

The NHS Choices website is the only site that provides patients with information on which NHS dentists are currently accepting new NHS patients.

In March 2017 the NHS Choices website was updated following a large number of complaints raised by Healthwatch, Which? and the Advertising Standards Association (ASA) around lack of information.

However instead of the March 2017 changes providing improvements in the quality of information available to patients Healthwatch Kirklees feel that we are now seeing an increase in dentists failing to supply any data at all on the website.

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Offering people free Body Mass Index (BMI) checks and heart rhythm checks

Healthwatch Kirklees regularly go out into the community to talk to people about their experience of health and social care services.

We’re always looking for different ways to engage people so we decided to take out some equipment to provide people with some basic health checks.

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