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August 11, 2022
The service here is good as is the quality of care. The phone lines can be very busy at times but I use the online booking system sometimes too and its easy to book appointments there.


July 5, 2022
It is hard to get through on the telephone and not always switched off answer phone at 8.30 am so when I call back I am then in a queue. E consult is difficult to use and not always appropriate and I don't always get a response to my emails . The practice nurse is excellent. There has been a change in the doctors over the last couple of years and I don't always get prescribed what I need but this can be costly to pay for. Receptionist response varies, some days fine and helpful other days no empathy and unhelpful. It would be nice if they had a more consistent caring approach, particularly when they are speaking to carers .

not as good as it used to be

June 30, 2022
Since the new e- consult service started things aren't as good. Although you do get a virtual appointment or response very quickly it does not replace a face to face appointment and I have found that these are not offered unless you make a fuss.
A lot of the doctors are fairly new and there is no continuity as to who you are seen by which is frustrating and I feel impacts the quality of care.
Admin team has seen recent improvements.

Difficulties with access but good service

May 10, 2022
Long waiting times on the phone. Telephone appointments are offered but face to face appointments are very difficult to get and have to really fight your case for these.
When I am seen or speak to a doctor or nurse I feel listened to and I have had positive care results but I would be unlikely to recommend the practice because of the difficulties accessing the care.

E consult difficulties

May 10, 2022
When I have attempted to use the E consult to book an appointment I have found the questions to be very restrictive and don't cover a broad enough range when it comes to reasons for requesting an appointment.
When I called the reception desk to discuss this and request an appointment over the phone instead, I was told that this couldn't be done and was referred back to the website despite my expressing my difficulties.
However, this was an isolated incident and on the whole, I find the staff to be friendly and helpful.

Recent improvements

May 10, 2022
In the past, I have found the front desk staff to be rude and have a sarcastic attitude which I have voiced. I can see they have made some changes which has improved the situation.

Left with unresolved issue

May 10, 2022
I saw the GP about my blood sugar and was given tests. I was told I had high blood sugar levels and was told it would be monitored but I was not given medication or a plan to get the blood sugar down.
Weeks later I still have high blood sugar readings but still no explanation why or what can be done about it. I have to call them to ask what is going to happen now but when I finally get to speak to a nurse or doctor I am told I will need to come for more monitoring. I am then given the same tests which give the same results but no resolution.

Poor customer service but good care

May 10, 2022
I have had bad experiences with the reception staff as they often talk down to people and have a bad attitude, I would go as far as to call them ignorant.
Whatever time of day I call I am waiting to get through for up to 40 minutes. I am not good with computers so struggle to use the E consult. On one occasion after having no luck trying to get through on the phone I drove down to the surgery and was rudely told by the receptionist that I can not make an appointment in person and must call to book. When I asked her to explain why this was she got up from her desk and walked away from me and I was left with no appointment and no explanation.
However, I am very happy with the GP's I have seen.

Long wait times.

May 10, 2022
I feel like I am often left waiting. Trying to get through on the phone takes 30- 40 minutes. When I am here I wait in the waiting room for up to 20 minutes to be called to be seen and that's if I am given a face to face appointment. I once called for an appointment and was told I could have a telephone call but I did not want this as I wanted to be seen by the GP and I was told it would be a 10-day wait for the next available appointment. When I finally did get to see the GP he told me I should have come to him sooner which frustrated me further. I am happy with the care the GP's offer though.

Ok service but could be better

May 10, 2022
Getting through on the phone lines to make an appointment is difficult, this is worse since the pandemic began which is understandable but even before Covid, it was always a struggle.
I have found the quality of care has always been ok but not fantastic as I feel you really have to push to get answers.
I recently raised a complaint with them and it was dealt with and resolved quickly.
Keeley Carton