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4 stars

September 14, 2018
Oliver McKay


June 13, 2018
Generally good service

New practice

March 22, 2018
Been here for 5 years. I like the way they arrange things for me. The doctor is good and friendly.

Extremley hard to get through on the phone

August 3, 2015
I have tried calling for an appointment as soon as the lines open - as advised. I have rang BOTH numbers in excess of 40 times! And more in some instances and still not been able to get through. I find it extremley frustrating that all the lines are constantly busy.
Natasha Evans

Quick service

July 23, 2015
My husband came to an appointment and had bad news. The referral was very quick to the service needed.

Generally good

July 23, 2015
Sometimes difficult to get an appointment, need to ring as soon as lines open and you can't always get through straightaway

Doctor caring

July 23, 2015
When you ring in for an appointment the telephone line is easy to get through on the long number but this costs a lot and the second new number is not available. The doctor is very nice even when I was frightened to come I was put at ease.

I found the doctors helpful and courteous as

July 23, 2015
At the junction surgery the doctors are always helpful and willing to help. The doctors usually do all they can to help and support you. The only problem I have is getting an appointment at short notice. If you call for an appointment at short notice the receptionists are difficult to deal with and abrupt. Also if you call for an appointment in a morning it can take some time to get through I have had to call 100+ times on many occasions
Daniel primus

Excellent and caring service.

June 17, 2015
Very quick appointments - same day - and doctors who talk to you, not the screen! Supportive and understanding doctors, who remember your individual problems. Doctors will even ring you back!

Lazy doctors and rude receptionists

June 15, 2015
So you call up and get through after you 42nd time calling because there is no queuing system so it just says 'line busy' the receptionists then are so rude and have no people skills, get an appointment with a doctor (2 weeks later) and the doctor advises you to 'just wait and see what happens for a couple of days' which then means you go through the whole process again, lazy doctors who simply cannot be bothered to help. Not empathetic at all to the fact I had a miscarriage in January, I miss my old caring doctors who made me feel like a person!
Shannon morgan