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Staff Extremely supportive

September 28, 2016
The staff were extremely supportive and very caring. The meals were very poor.

Ambulance for my toddler

September 20, 2016
Following a fall the play gym called an ambulance for my 3 year old.
First response arrived within 3 minutes carrying out checks before the ambulance arrived.
My toddler had changed from pain 8 to 2 so I was reluctant to waste an ambulance however the crew assured me it was not a waste and wanted to take him in!
They made my son feel at ease and even found him a teddy for him to cuddle.
The guys are overstretched but were absolutely great!
I write another review and realised 'ambulance' was a seperate category therefore have done this seperately to ensure everyone is recognised!
Louise Bancroft

Toddler Accident

Accident and emergency services
September 20, 2016
My son was taken in an ambulance following a fall. They were quick and comforted him (and made me at ease). We were seen by a nurse and nothing appeared broken however we were asked to wait for a senior doctor to be sure! It transpired no bones were broken but I feel they checked thoroughly and I must say all the staff were amazing!
The brave teddy was also a lovely touch and helped my 3 year old through his traumatic experience! It's safe to say he's not afraid of the hospital now which is just great! Please pass on our thanks! Louise and Jenson Bancroft
Louise Bancroft


August 19, 2016
They gave my 3 year old daughter a consultant that was going on holiday the day after nobody came to see her for 2 weeks. She has a broken femur and is 3.
Lucinda Wadsworth

Good staff - long wait

Day Surgery
August 17, 2016
visit the service a lot
staff make you feel comfortable - they give you info you want to know
long wait though
Joanne Edwards

Visit to A & E

Accident and emergency services
August 17, 2016
I was told I am no longer registered at my GP so called 111 and advised to come to A & E

Always been a good service to me

Accident and emergency services
August 17, 2016
Never had a bad time here, always a fantastic service
Jonathan Beaumont

Friendly staff

Day Surgery
August 17, 2016
really friendly and helpful staff, very kind. They explain what will happen to patient

Excellent Service

Ward 10 & Ward 15
August 17, 2016
Had a blockage and it was removed, been an inpatient for 6 months. Surgeon was excellent and moved heaven and earth for me. Trained district nurses to help me. The cleanliness in ward 10 is five stars

Long waiting times. Good staff

Day Surgery
August 17, 2016
Waiting times slow
staff are good