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May 22, 2018
Problems getting out of bed, matron very unkind, didn't understand needs, could have been made worse. Did complaint. Xray didn't show anything but passed around and found a little spot which identifed a major fracture behind. Dealt with professionally, promptly. Back up support to encourage to walk again and a year on I'm doing extremely well with independence.
Not enough choice for gluten free. Salad was about the only choice.


May 9, 2018
Parking charges are expensive, just been increased again, no free disabled parking.
People with disabilities have to go much more frequently and I go often for children's hearing tests. It's discrimination as we go much more often than others so end up paying more. When clinics are delayed we are not offered free parking. There is nowhere to get change at acre mills, have to spend money in shop to get change for parking meter. Having to sign in twice at Acre Mills - it is confusing+ time consuming, delays you for your appointment. Having to stand + sign in is not ideal - they need to have chairs as it's not fair for people who are elderly, frail. people with a disability. Very difficult + discriminatory. I have significant health condition and I've been signed off without any follow up, can only see GP and I have to keep getting referred in to hospital which wasted time+ money. Staff are excellent - trying to do best with inadequate resources. Cost of food+ parking: nobody told us about vouchers/ concession for people/families for long stay patients. Had to use Costa + paid 10 weeks for parking
Tracey Smith-McQuillan


March 22, 2018
The staff were really good at calming me down before my MRI. They also checked if I was alright after the MRI, they made me feel very comfortable.


March 3, 2018
The care and attention I've received through my cancer treatment has been second to none. From the consultants to the volunteers, everyone has been amazing.

Staff brilliant

February 15, 2018
Good friendly staff, excellent waiting times between assessment and operation

Can't fault them

February 14, 2018
Can't fault them.
The service is good and the nurses are very nice. Doctors competent.

Outpatient appointments

February 13, 2018
Long wait for outpatient appointments. Waiting time is also long when going for appointments. Parking charges are an issue.

Friendly staff

November 15, 2017
Staff are really friendly and explained everything to me. Never had to wait long to be seen

Efficient service for bowel screening

October 29, 2017
Was seen more or less straight away - very efficient service, minimal waiting time. Felt valued and treated with respect. Really value the opportunity to have screening. Having travelled abroad widely, I'm well aware that this type of service is not offered in many countries. Really appreciate the fact that the NHS reaches out to people with services like this to try and prevent serious illnesses. I must have seen about 7 different members of staff from my arrival in the Endoscopy unit until I left - can't put a price on this kind of service. Invaluable. Staff communicated well and made sure I was comfortable throughout the entire procedure.

Very pleased with service.

October 25, 2017
Acre mills, pleased with the service. The man that did my eyes was very good.
Out patient appointment.