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Opthalmology - Acre Mills

May 21, 2024
Attended an eye appointment had no letter explaining what would happen just a text
with the appointment date and time , wasn't told i may be given eye drops so drove there myself. Could not have the eye drops so a wasted trip. Still waiting for a new appointment . Communication needs to be improved i.e a letter needs to be sent out and explanation of what will happen on the day . The staff who saw me were all extremely pleasant and helpful on the day .

Reply from Huddersfield Royal Infirmary (HRI)

I am very sorry to read that you had a wasted trip to the eye clinic. Usually when we send an appointment by text there is a link to a letter which contains the additional information required.
Please accept our apologies that this was not the case when you received an appointment by text message. I do hope you have now received another appointment.
I have shared your feedback with the appointment team and eye clinic team, to ensure we make sure this does not happen again. Thank you very much for bringing this to our attention.

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Phlebotomy Appointments

May 13, 2024
I have been on hold for 1hr 10 mins on my mobile phone Caller 16 to finally get to 1 to have a message say unable to take call . Terrible ! This needs sorting immediately. And why not have a call back service instead of leaving people waiting so long . Surely This should be standard procedure now for all nhs services .

Reply from Huddersfield Royal Infirmary (HRI)

I am very sorry to hear of your experience when phoning the phlebotomy helpline. I appreciate that waiting over an hour, and the call ending without offering you an opportunity to arrange an appointment is frustrating, and it is not the service that the phlebotomy team strives to provide.

Following your feedback we have worked with our team at the hospital and with specific GP partners to agree changes to the process patients requiring blood tests follow. We anticipate the changes will be in place within the next month, and that these will ensure that your experience is not repeated.

Thank you very much for highlighting this issue, as it has directly led to actions which will improve the experience of care for many patients requiring blood tests at the hospital.

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December 7, 2023
From the consultant to the receptionist to the pharmacy staff - approachable, professional and efficient . Really exceeded my expectations.


November 13, 2023
staff helpful , had lots of support in past.
Medical secretaries very good

Care for my dad has been exceptional

September 16, 2023
Care for my dad has been exceptional, during covid it was harder. We were transferred from Calderdale royal (and the car park there is much worse than Huddersfield) My mum was given a carer lanyard which my mum thinks is good. The care is very attentive, he'll be moving from here to a nursing home.
The only downside is the position of the end of life/palliative care ward, its not best placed within the main area of the hospital.

Well organised!

Ear Nose and Throat
September 16, 2023
I come here to see the ENT department. They are well organised. I use the system online and its straight forward and has my health checks on there too.

Good service, very helpful!

September 16, 2023
I've been coming here for the past 16 weeks and coming to stay for 2 or 3 nights regularly since then. The service is good and everyone is very helpful and professional. Only suggestion is they could do with improving the building to make it newer if possible.

Excellent service & care

September 16, 2023
Our daughter was admitted here unexpectedly a few days ago. She came into A&E and then was admitted onto Ward 9 - Acute. She will be transferred to Halifax hospital soon. We carry a carers card and we've been allowed to visit and get free parking. They offer us tea and coffee and free meals if they have any extra available. We can come and go as needed. We can see they are short staffed, but they never stop. Sometimes we don't see the Dr as much as we like, but consultant has been very good and even when he's leaving in the evening, he'll make a special visit over to our daughter and check how she's doing. The only down side is the Dr's visits are hit and miss. But the nurses are very good and they do give us all the information if we go and ask them.

The services are very good

September 16, 2023
No improvements to be made! The services on ward 7 - Greenlea have been very good. I come here for results once a fortnight and it's pretty good and not much waiting time.

Only positive things to say

Cancer services
September 16, 2023
I've been coming to the chemotherapy ward for the past 10 years. Everything is great! I get an injection here once a month. I've only got positive things to say. I come to the chemotherapy ward and they are all very helpful and polite.