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Excellent care by the Parkinson nurse

June 8, 2022
I recently accompanied my husband to an appointment with the Parkinson's nurse. She was fantastic. Listened to everything he had to say and took her time with him. She was caring and supportive and I really felt like he was in good hands.

Sister in A&E wrote the wrong oxygen level

Accident and emergency services
November 28, 2021
Staff are not trustworthy I would definatly check what observations are being recorded as they write wrong ones and diagnosed my 3 year old son with croupe when he had a chest infection with low oxygen and required 02 over night .. this was huddersifled A&e aps disgusting

I was in SAU service was shocking

Surgical Assessment
November 20, 2021
SAU promised me a care plan and “apparently” there was no care plan as it apparently got lost so I’ve discharged with no help and struggling to get about at home now. I was discharged on Thursday evening and they couldn’t get me out quick enough. The sister was rude and they tried to twist my words.
Nicola crook

Quick and successful A&E visit

Accident and emergency services
November 7, 2021
Was advised by 111 to go to
A&E for my daughter’s broken finger. They saw and treated her within one hour and we’re kind, patient and helpful. It’s great that children’s services are now separate to the main A&E. thank you to all the wonderful staff that treated my daughter.


August 26, 2021
Had an endoscopy. They didn't give me sedation. They didn't put a towel on my clothes so the foam from my mouth soaked my clothes. They then put me in a ward with the rails up so I couldn't leave, left the curtains open with me sobbing. I am autistic. They wouldn't let my friend visit because it was a "womans only ward" even though there was a man visiting someone in the bed opposite me. They repeatedly tried to get me to eat, accused me of lying and wouldn't stop pressuring me. They took away my sensory items which I was told I would be allowed to keep because I need them because of my disability. They were condescending and dismissive, ignored all accommodations I requested.

I have also had my weight loudly shouted out so that the entire department and other patients can hear how fat I am, and I have been forced to listen to high volume TV sound despite asking for it to be turned off, they said they couldn't.

Blood test

June 14, 2021
Very painful. Could not find vein to get blood out. Left arm with a bruise. Never had these issues before.

Blood test

June 14, 2021
Low waiting time. Friendly and helpful nurse. Managed to get my blood very easily.

Trip to A&E

Accident and emergency services
May 20, 2021
Waiting times were vary long. Felt uncomfortable due to Covid.

Still waiting cardiologists from December , i

April 20, 2021
Pregnant of twins had heart ablation 2 years ago. 5 months waiting to see the cardiologist and received appointment to “phone call” to 19th may, how is possible?
Míria Sousa

blood test

October 26, 2020
The area was very quiet, with only a couple of people in the waiting room. Everyone was socially distancing and sanitising. I was in and out of Acre Mills in just a few minutes.